Spruce up your yard for Summer!

The Secret Language of our Favorite Summer Colors: Light Yellow and Pastel Pink

All things yellow catch our eye. Is that the same for you? Taxis, highlighters, lemons and sunflowers… According to color psychology, yellow implies optimism, cheerfulness and is the color of intellect (special shout out to Post-its, school buses and #2 pencils!). 

With the golden sun shining our way, what a perfect time to welcome a bright color into our summer pallet.


Our next summer color is pastel pink, standing for unconditional love and admiration. It's been mixed by a fiery red that drives action and a soft white, bringing purity and completeness. Here is an example from the Notting Hill Gate patio in London.

Even if it isn't time for a whole new furniture set, maybe a few colorful chairs and flowers will help welcome the sun. Happy Summer!