A synopsis of Anne's adventure to Peru! 

Last week Anne took a trip to Ayacucho, Peru to help Maki, a non profit organization founded by her friend Martha Dudenhoeffer. Maki International is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and works with women throughout Ayacucho, Peru. Maki provides the framework for creating, exporting, and selling the beautiful knit goods and handicrafts made using the Peruvian women's existing talents and traditions.

While in Peru Anne met with the weavers that create product for Maki to develop new color pallets and patterns for their hand woven pillows cases, sweaters, rugs, purses, and yoga matt straps. 

Anne and Martha accomplished a lot in just one week visiting weavers and coming up with ideas for new product. It was not all work though, it seemed one of the highlights of the trip was the surprise party for Martha at the women's prison that Maki supports. The women had popcorn and a hot drink called ‘chicha’ as well as music, singing, dancing and speeches.

Nearly all the women in this prison have been charged with drug trafficking. Their sentences are harsh, many of them serving 15-20 years. They often come from impoverished homes and are sought out by drug cartels to transport cocaine produced in the nearby jungle. Children who are under the age of four live with their mothers in the prison and Maki International aims to support these children by providing income opportunities for their mothers and by improving conditions and education opportunities.

                                Martha dancing at the surprise Party.

                                Martha dancing at the surprise Party.


Below are some of the hand woven and embroidered products that Anne brought back with her from Peru. The first picture is pillow cases woven/embroidered out of either 100% wool or 100% cotton and the second and third pictures are hand woven rugs. All of which can be made in any size, color, or style. 

Maki products can be found on both the Maki Website as well as their Etsy site if you are interested in supporting the hardworking women in Peru. All profits go directly to the women who create Maki product and their families. 

Below are more pictures from Anne's trip and if you would like to learn more about Maki you can visit their website at