San Diego Source:  Three San Diego companies team to complete new retail call center

Three San Diego building industry veterans, Pacific Building Group, Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors and Unisource Solutions, teamed to complete HD Supply’s new retail call center in Santee.

The call center, located at 101 Riverview Parkway, consists of approximately 35,000 square feet of new open office space with multifunctional workspaces, as well as employee hubs, private offices, conference rooms, a break room, a tradeshow area and an exercise room.

HD Supply is one of North America’s largest industrial distribution firms for the infrastructure, maintenance, repair and improvement and specialty construction markets. The new call center’s design concept and material selection incorporated HD Supply products to create a vibrant and open environment in the new expanded space. Coordination between all three contracted firms was critical since HD Supply had a tight timeline and needed to add a tremendous amount of power and data capacity to the building in order to accommodate the increased occupancy of the call center.

Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors initially collaborated with HD Supply in space planning and design. The architectural design group was able to maintain the building’s core and reuse selected existing spaces, minimizing construction waste and reducing costs. Sneed also helped with the selection of materials used in the building remodel. Repurposing the existing workstations, in combination with new products, saved additional money and met HD Supply’s goal of being able to further expand the space when needed.

Pacific Building Group, the general contractor, completed all the construction, which included re-arranging walls to reconfigure the interior space. The company also upgraded the electrical and mechanical components of the building and installed a new HVAC system, including two Liebert CRAC units in the server room. Custom power poles were fabricated and provided by Pacific Building Group for the workstations.

Working parallel to and in collaboration with the architectural design and construction teams, furniture supplier and moving coordinator, Unisource Solutions relocated the call center’s existing furniture and equipment to the new facility in Santee from the previous call center at HD Supply headquarters in Poway. Unisource also ordered new furniture and coordinated the logistics of this order to arrive at the same time as the existing furniture and equipment so that the office could be set up according to plan and on time.


Courtesy of San Diego Source 

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

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