New Ways To Keep Yourself Busy This Summer

So you've made it past the annual 4th of July fireworks with your hearing still intact, Congratulations. As we're heading into the later parts of the summer season you may find yourself struggling with the summer doldrums. You want to do something that makes an impact in your living spaces, but not something that takes too much out of your possible pool time. Here are some quick tips to change up your space, while still giving you time to throw a summer barbecue!

Tip Number One: Paint

It's difficult for me to contain a yell of frustration anytime a prospective home buyer on HGTV utters the phrase "I don't like the paint color" (Yes, we're all addicted to House Hunters). Granted, there are instances where changing the color could be more than you'd want to take on (if it's covering the entire house for instance) but in most cases changing the color of a room is as easy as a can of paint + a weekend. Here at Anne Sneed we do have some favorites (Dunn-Edwards Whisper - DEW340 is EVERYWHERE) but everyone has colors that draw them in and make a room feel like yours. Here a few projects where the color really made the room.  

Anne Sneed Architectural Interiors, Project: La Jolla Muirlands, Coronado Cottage, and Valley Lodge. 

Tip Number Two: Light Fixtures

So, i'm not suggesting that you become an electrician overnight and rewire your bathroom to get that iconic chandelier over the tub - though if you want to take that on, more power to you.  Something you can do however is bring in some unique lighting pieces that combine form and function to give your room a refreshed look and maybe provide a conversation starter. Below are some of our favorite lighting pieces, ranging from simple to whimsical. 


Tip Number Three: Plants

Indoor Gardens can be the perfect thing to get started in your home this summer. And with their rising popularity a lot of different kits have hit the market. Even if you don't exactly have a green thumb, some of these systems are as easy a dirt+ seeds + water, while others are definitely for the more experienced gardener. Here are some of our favorite inspiration images of indoor gardening: 

Source: The Container Store, IKEA, UNCOMMON GOODS

Tip Number Four: Upholstery and Linens

So maybe you don't want to change your entire household's color palette, but you still want to acknowledge the Summer season. Try switching out some of the Linens and Upholstered items around your house! Get some new dish towels for the kitchen, switch out the pillows on the couch, try out a new bedroom throw, or pick up some new bathroom accessories. Little changes can go a long way towards the overall feel of the room. Here are some of our favorite Summer colors and patterns to incorporate into your home:

Source: Pillows- Dot&Bo, Kitchen Towels- Sur la Table, Throws- Nordstrom, Bathroom Shower Curtain /Towels - Anthropologie