Ten things you didn't know you needed in your home

Straight from the mouth of an interior designer…

10 way to make your home more fun and functional.

1. Creative storage: to hide those things you don't want people to see.

2. A home movie theater: because who would want sit in a crowded theater when you have this?!

3. Penny Floor: something to set your home apart from the rest!

4. A Slide: its all about efficiency. 

5. A shower just for your dogs.

6. Underground wine cellar.

7. A Loft: a fun little hide away, maybe in a guest house or a kids room. 

8. A Hidden Door: its always a good story.

9. A Built in Vacuum: no more bulky vacuums, cords, or dust pans. 

10. A Tree House: to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.