The Devil is in the Details

I recently read a blog post on Coco + Kelley which made the argument that people mistake the idea of ‘details’ in a space as small things – little things that you add here and there to make the space feel special, but that when it comes to details we should look at the bigger picture as well. There is a lot of truth in this argument and below are a few spaces we completed that show the impact details can have on a space.  

Pictured above is Torrey Pines Bank in Downtown LA and its stone wrapped columns. The detailing on these columns make them a focal point, highlighting the tall ceilings and creating interest within the space. Generally columns are painted a neutral color and I think it is a pleasant surprise to see something different.  

In this residence located in Del Mar, CA custom metal pieces are the detail that finished out the space. From the doors to the end tables in the master bedroom this Del Mar custom home is one worth its title. 

FInally, in this mountain home in Colorado we chose to build the desk into the wall, a detail used to increase the functionality of the space.

This is not all to say that small details are not important it is just meant to point out that sometimes you have to think BIG!