In an effort to compile some of our favorite products to showcase on our blog, we realized one company's light fixtures stand above the rest - Bevolo Gas & Electric. In fact, Anne loves them so much, she's just included the Governor Sconce & French Quarter Lantern in her ongoing home remodel (see below for examples).

And so we are dedicating this post to Bevolo Gas and Electric. Established over 70 years ago, Bevolo is founded on the principle that old world craftsmanship is what truly makes their fixtures last a lifetime. They still make every piece by hand in Louisiana and are the largest manufacturer of hand-made, open-flame copper lanterns in the world.

Below you can see the Bevolo Governor Lantern installed in a home remodel we completed last year in Coronado.

While our knowledge of Bevolo lights began with Anne's Louisiana heritage, our obsession continues because the light fixtures are beautiful, well made, and timeless

Fun fact about Bevolo lanterns - some built 60 years ago are still burning in the French Quarter today! 

And about that compilation of our favorite products. More on that later… ;) 



                                                          French Quarter Lantern on a Yoke bracket.

                                                                                 Governor Sconce.

                                                                                 Governor Sconce.