Custom Curb Appeal

The Front Door is a dominant force in the first impression of a person's home. Despite this, most front doors are rooted in the same (somewhat boring) design. It amazes me that we can be so creative inside our living spaces and yet the outside is ignored. Front doors can be a statement about not only the style of the home, but also the person living in it. Here's some inspiration from home owners who put some artistic flair into their entryways.  


If you're a Pinterest Addict like myself you've seen this image before and fallen in love. The door is apparently the front entryway to 6 rue du lac, Brussels.  

When I was in college I took a trip to Seville, Spain over a summer break to visit my relatives. The entire city is an amazing mix of old and new drawing inspiration from the Roman ruins still scattered around the city. While there I stayed with a cousin in her apartment which happened to be right around the corner from The Alcazar. Something that struck me about the buildings in the neighborhood (and the entire city) was the impressiveness of the front doors. They were huge, imposing entry ways composed of dark woods and iron. It didn't matter what space I was stepping into, it felt important based purely on the door I had to step through. Here are some doors that remind me of the grandness of the entry ways I encountered in Europe. 

This awesome doorway was found in Granada, Spain by travel blogger "A Dangerous Business"

This gorgeous doorway was found in Madrid, Spain by blogger "bjdhausdesign".  

The Doors in Europe sometimes have the advantage of the weight of history, here in the "new world" we have a different history to celebrate. One of innovation, advancement, and a minor obsession with the new. This train of thought has lead us to be trend makers in our architecture and design. Here are some doors that cater to a more modern aesthetic. 

This iron door is stunning. No other words.        Except, that photo credit goes to Dave Redden

The wood on this door is so striking, especially when contrasted with the lighter floors. This door has been attributed to the Oban House by Agushi

This is a door we customized for the Hilltop Del Mar project, and I must say it's become one of my favorite features. In fact it inspired this post! The large glass feature in this door allows the home to utilize natural light and the peaceful outdoor view.

I hope this post leaves all you design enthusiasts inspired about the possibilities for your front entryway. 

And on another note, Happy Thanksgiving!